9139 East Shore Rd, Bath NY 14810 (607) 566-3511
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Welcome to Lake Demmon Campground!

“Best kept Secret in Steuben County”

Walt & Jean Blusewicz welcome you to our campground! We have made, and continue to make many improvements and upgrades to our our equipment and services. We are able to accommodate RV’s of all kinds, with 30 Amp service, cable and Wi-Fi. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.

Whether you are RV'ing, Tenting, Hiking or Backpacking, we welcome you. Lake Demmon has long been a favorite of the local people. Being among the top cleanest lakes in New York state, fishing on our 48 acre lake is some of the best, with Bass, Pickerel, Blue Gill and Bullhead just to name a few that will test your angling skills. You can rent one of our canoes or row boats. If you prefer to bring your own boat, it must not be over 14 foot long or powered by more than 50 horsepower. Sorry, jet skis are not allowed on the lake.

Not into fishing or water sports and just want to relax and float on the water? We rent paddle boats! If you prefer to swim, enjoy our gently sloping swimming area, with separate wading area for the little ones.

Ride your ATV from your camp site to Demon Run ATV Trails and take advantage of this special offer: Camp both Friday & Saturday night plus pay to ride the trails both Saturday & Sunday receive a 10% discount on camping. (Can’t combine with any other offer or discount.)

Click to visit Demon Run ATV Trails

2019 Camping Rates

Primitive Tent


per day
  • Week $140.00
  • Month $450.00
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Electric & Water


per day
  • Week $165.00
  • Month $525.00
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Full Hookups


per day
  • Week $195.00
  • Month $625.00
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RV Rental


per day


per week
  • Plus $25.00 refundable clean up deposit
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View of Lake Demmon Campground
Roasting up some pork!
Nice grassy sites

Additional Rates & Information

  • Open April 15 to Oct 15 each year.
  • Our office is open daily, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, during the camping season.
  • Holidays: 3 day minimum and extra $3.00 per day
  • Rates are for a Family that consists of 2 adults & your children under 18 yrs. All others are considered Guest and Guest Fee is required.
  • Visitors: $2.00 per day / $3.00 per overnight stay
  • Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept on leash and cleaned up after.
  • Air Conditioner: $5.00 per day
  • Heater: $5.00 per day
  • Dump Station: $15.00
  • Honey Wagon: please see owners
  • Paddle Boat & Canoe: $5.00 per hour / $15.00 half day / $25.00 daily
  • Row Boat: $10.00 per hour / $20.00 half day / $40.00 daily
  • All rentals must be returned by dark.
  • 2019 Summer Seasonal: $1,500.00 plus metered electric
  • Service Member Discounts: Thank you for your service! All active duty personel with Military or Department ID card receive a 25% discount on camping and boat rentals. All Veterans please show your VA ID card for DD-214 for a 10% discount.
  • Weekday Camping: Camp Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night pay for any of these 2 days recieve a third night free. Friday, Saturday nights and Holidays not available or part of this promotion.
  • ATV Discount: Camp Friday, Saturday nights, and pay to ride on Demon Run Trails and receive a 10% discount on your camping fee.
  • Discounts and promotional items cannot be combined or used with other discounts, (ie Passport America). Discounts, and verifacation must be appied at registration. All Rental Units are not included for any of these discounts. Offers are void if requested at a later time.
Hanging out on the beach
ATV Poker Run
Band Playing

Area Attractions

Demon Run ATV Trails

For all you ATV’ers, Demon Run ATV Trails is just down the road from us, with access to the trails from the campground. Speed and noise limits are strictly enforced in the campground. Demon Run Trails have a play area and mud pit for you to show off your skills.

Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass hosts the nation’s foremost glass collection with 50,000+ objects spanning 3500 years.

Watkins Glen International

Watkins Glen International is one of the country’s premier race tracks, featuring NASCAR, Indy racing & concerts.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum

The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum is a must-see for fans of historical aviation, automobiles, boats & motorcycles.

Wine Tours

The Finger Lakes region is home to over 100 wineries. We suggest taking a tour of the Keuka Lake Wine Trail.

Lake Demmon makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy your camping vacation, offering you the option of making your camping reservation requests online. Simply complete the form below. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicate required fields. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit has been received. We will respond as quickly as possible. Open April 15 to Oct 15 each year.

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9139 East Shore Rd
Bath NY, 14810

(607) 566-3511

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Passport America

Passport America:
3 night maximum, may not be used on weekends, limited inventory, no advance reservations.